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Project management of drive solutions

At TAE, you don’t receive a standard solution, instead you receive a package optimally tailored to your problem consisting of motor, controller and periphery. We configure a comprehensive drive solution that only needs to be installed on site. Profit from our decades of experience.

Motors: We employ a wide range of synchronous machines, torque motors and asynchronous machines.

Controllers: Thanks to our intelligent U-Drive series, you can control a wide range of drives between 1 and 400 kW. Available for all commoninterfaces, integrated PLC and EMC, suitable brake choppers.

Parametrisation: Motors and controller characteristic curves are optimally adapted to your application.

Switchgear construction

We also create switchgear sfor your drive solution for critical areas such as food technology and explosion-proof areas. We plan in accordance with current standards and requirements and manufacture the entire facility in-house.

Planning: Creation of the systems structure and documentation using PROPLAN

Manufacture: Our own mechanical production –experienced staff - continuousquality control

Endurance testingfor 100% quality

All products that leave our warehouseare 100% tested: Performance test, no-load testand a 72-hour burn-in for all individual modules and complete units. Quality made in Germany!

Quality: Without compromise

Assembly and commissioning

Our engineers come right to you for commissioning – anywhere in the world. We provide you with support right from the start.

Assembly: Installation and wiring of the drive solution

Commissioning: Start-upand measurement of the unit, on-site parametrisation of the Controllers

Torque and performance test

On ourtorque test benches,we can determine performance, heating and efficiency curvesof newly developed drives. We carry out development support and are represented in research projects for drives.

Motor testing: Nominal torquesof up to 10,000 Nm

Controller testing: Nominal currents of up to 200 A per phase

Customer-specific software and controller adaptation

Whether process control, interface adjustment, adaptation of control parameters, additional safety requirements: We adapt our software flexibly to meet your demands. In our electronics development, hardware extensions are possible to optimally integrate the drive solution into your application.

Hardware: Power electronics, interface and sensors development

Software: Controller adaptation, Interface adjustment, embedded software

Service and motor repair

Even after delivery, we do not leave you standing in the rain: Our service teamis quickly on-site, the most common spare parts are in stock.Whether its electronics or motors: we guarantee the best systems availability!

Device repair: Exchange units, repair and on-site troubleshooting

Motor repair: Cleaning and overhaul, bearing replacement, stator winding, encoder repair