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CE or not CE?

Successful workshop on EU guidelines

In all areas of power electronics - whether for components or devices - questions about conformity, functional safety and EU directives must always be answered and, above all, observed. The instructor Rudi Winterhalter succeeded excellently in picking up our employees on this rather dry topic and in keeping with his motto "empower" to draw attention to the essential aspects. Thank you for the successful workshop.

Drittes Video online

"Die Wickelmaschine" - das neue Pikatron-Video bei YouTube

Unsere Videoserie geht weiter. Unseren Experten hier bei Pikatron ist keine Wickelaufgabe zu anspruchsvoll. Heute erklären wir insbesondere, wie wir kilometerlangen Draht auf einen geschlossenen Ringkern bekommen. Und das zuverlässig und in hoher Qualität. Viel Spaß beim Anschauen unseres neuen Videos "Die Wickelmaschine".

Vielen Dank an die Pikatron-Darsteller und R.W. Productions für die gelungene Umsetzung!

Zweites Video online

Pikatron GmbH - Count on us!

Wie bereits angekündigt folgt hier das zweite Video aus unserer neuen Video-Serie. Diesmal geht es um die Messtechnik bei Pikatron. Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!

Herzlichen Dank an alle Pikatron-Darstellerinnen und Darsteller! Vielen Dank auch an R.W. Productions für die hervorragende Umsetzung.

Freier Ausbildungsplatz

Ausbildungsnavi der Wartburgregion 2021

Am Standort Creuzburg bieten wir Ihnen einen freien Ausbildungsplatz mit Übernahmemöglichkeiten in ein festes Anstellungsverhältnis mit Zukunft und besten Rahmenbedingungen in einem zukunftsorientierten und erfolgreichen Unternehmen. Bitte schicken Sie Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung an

New management

A new era begins at Pikatron after 27 years

After 27 successful years, Dr. Wilhelm Hickmann hands over the management of Pikatron GmbH to Dr. Matthias Staab. Even though the management changes, the known values of our company remain. Quality, flexibility and adherence to delivery dates, as well as our company philosophy. Kaizen. Flow production. One-piece flow. The Pikatron Group continues to offer "customized power electronics from a single source" to utmost satisfaction of our customers. Starting from winding goods to high-performance power sources. We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you.

Pikatron on YouTube

As of today you can find the Pikatron Group on YouTube

We are taking another step towards expanding our online presence. You can now find us on YouTube! We are already looking forward to your comments. More short educational funny videos will follow soon. Many thanks to all Pikatron performers! Many thanks also to R.W. Productions for the excellent implementation.

Pikatron on instagram

As of today you can find the Pikatron Group on instagram

The Pikatron Group is taking another step towards expanding our social media presence. You can also find us on instagram:

We are looking forward to welcome you as a subscriber!

SPD visit to Pikatron

State politicians inform themselves in the company

"That was another appointment I really enjoyed" said Elke Barth, Member of the Landtag, after her visit to Pikatron. The SPD spokesman for industry and foreign trade, Stephan Grüger and Michael Hahn, city councilor in Usingen, were impressed by what the Pikatron management team reported to them. The visitors were particularly impressed by the large product range and the wide variety of applications throughout the electronics industry.


Vorsorgliche Hinweise zur Liefersituation

Aus aktuellem Anlass möchten wir unsere Kunden vorsorglich darüber informieren, dass es in der nächsten Zeit zu Lieferverzögerungen bei unseren Produkten kommen kann. Zum einen gibt es erste Lieferverzögerungen bei der Vormaterialbeschaffung, zum anderen gibt es erste angeordnete Betriebsschließungen. In wie weit die Pikatron Gruppe betroffen sein wird, kann heute noch nicht abgesehen werden. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.

Neue Jobangebote

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung

Wir suchen ab sofort:
+ Vertriebsingenieur/ -techniker (m/w/d) für Süddeutschland
+ Vertriebsingenieur/ -techniker (m/w/d) für Norddeutschland
+ Vertriebsinnendienst (m/w/d) Standort Usingen
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!

Rotary Club Usingen

RC Usingen visits the Pikatron headquarters

50 friends of the Usinger Rotary Club, accompanied by many women and children, visited the headquarters of the Usinger Pikatron Group. As many questions showed, they were very impressed by the wide variety of customer-specific electromagnetic components and devices that Pikatron develops and manufactures. "Once again we were able to convince ourselves which "pearls" can be found right on our doorstep in Usinger Land," said the President of RC Dr. Dirk Bunthoff.

Neue Jobangebote

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung

Am Standort Usingen suchen wir ab sofort:
+ Produktmanager für Komponenten und Geräte (m/w/d) Standort Usingen
+ Techniker Elektrotechnik (m/w/d) Standort Usingen
+ Elektroniker Messtechnik (m/w/d) Standort Usingen
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!

Peaceful Holidays

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!

We thank you for the good cooperation and the trust you have placed in us. We wish you and your family happy and peaceful holidays and a good start into the new year 2020.

A rare anniversary

Retired after 51 years in one company

Jörg Thüner, the filter specialist of the Pikatron division tesch emc, is leaving the company after 51 years into the well-deserved retirement. When he started his apprenticeship at Tesch in Wuppertal in 1968 at the age of 14, he never dreamed that he would retire in the same company as a production manager. Jörg Thüner has passed on his knowledge to his deputy and successor Martin Mainusch in recent years. High-quality EMC filters will continue to be built in Wuppertal in the future.

VIP visit at Pikatron

Mayor Wernard and the economic officer inform themselves at Pikatron

Together with the new economic representative Mrs. Harmel the Usinger mayor Wernard visited again one of the large Usinger enterprises. Both visitors were impressed by the large product range and were pleased to see that Pikatron has been firmly rooted in Usingen for over 45 years and as one of the major employers in the region has created so many secure and reliable jobs. Today, 142 of the 344 employees of the Pikatron Group work in Usingen.