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TAE Antriebstechnik • Raiffeisenstrasse 10 • D-61250 Usingen


TAE Antriebstechnik was founded in 1980 by the Wehrheimer entreptreneur Karl Korn. We develop and manufacture components, devices and systems for electronic drive Technology with qualified staff.                                                                              

Our key products include universal converters and thyristor controllers for regulating and controlling electrical motors, direct current and servo motors and brake choppers for the defined conversion of electrical energy to warmth. The latest field of activity fits right into the current debate on energy savings, extremely powerful torque motors as highly efficient energy savers with a high level of efficiency and low power consumption.                       

TAE Antriebstechnik belongs to the Pikatron Group since November 2011 and has been a division of Pikatron GmbH since 2016.


Customer-specific inductive components and systems in primarily manual production:

• Switch mode transformers
• High-voltage transformers
• (Audio) transmitters
• Coils and chokes
• Antennae and RFID
• Magneticsensors
• System Solutions

Customer-specific inductive components and systems in primarily part-automated production:

• One-phase transformers
• Three-phase transformers
• Toroidal transformers
• Autotransformers
• Power inductors
• Transformerswith rectification
• Transmitters and converters

Customer-specific EMC filter solutions in primarily manual production:

  • Line filters
  • Top-hat rail mains filters
  • Signal filters
  • Filter capacitors
  • Feedthrough filters
  • Cabin filters
  • Filter cabinets

Customer-specific power electronic devices and systems made in Germany:

  •     HV power supply units AC/ DC
  •     Power sources
  •     Device connections
  •     Microprocessor solutions
  •     Regenerative units
  •     Sensor systems
  •     System solutions