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Asynchronous and synchronous Motors


Output: 0,8 kW .. 300 kW
Speed: up to 6000 min-1
Construction size: 45 to 250
Ambient temperature: 0°C .. 40°C
Humidity: up to 90%
Operating height: up to 1000 m above sea level

Very compact and maintenance-free. The motors are equipped with neodymium magnets, which particularly stand out thanks to their significantly higher field strengths in comparison to ceramic magnets.
This results in even more compact construction sizes and an improved level of efficiency. Thanks to the very small mass inertias, these motors are ideally suited to dynamic applications.


  • IP23 (IC01, IC06) to IP65 (IC410, IC411, IC416 or ICW)
  • Flange or foot-mounted design (B3, B5, B14 or combinations)
  • With or without feedback
  • Various encoder systems, such as magnetic and optical incremental encoders, SinCosEndator Hiperface, resolvers are possible
  • Increased service life of the bearings thanks to plasma-coated bearing seats
  • With a brake


The motors are suitable for the field of plastics processing industry, textiles industry, glass wool and mineral wool industry, paper and food industry. This includes extrusion units, winders, traction and lift drives, pumps, fans, transport belts, lifts and tool machines.

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