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Cool torque motors


Torque: 3 Nm .. 12.500 Nm
Speed: 70 .. 400 min-1
Engine efficiency: up to 98%
Overall efficiencywith U-Drive: up to 95.5%
Number of poles: up to 112
Construction size: 47 .. 315
Full continuous torque from speed "0"
Can be loaded short-term up to 200%

Our highly efficient cool torque motors are ideally suited to slowly running, gearless direct drives with a high torque. What sets them apart from traditional torque motors is grounded in a patented motor principle that surpasses all grades of efficiency that have currently been achieved on the market. No cooling is hereby necessary. The low moment of inertia and the high pole number of the rotor bring about an excellent concentricity and a strong dynamic.
Due to the omission of the gearbox and the low speed, your maintenance time and costs are minimised.


  • Protection class IP54 or IP55, cooling methodIC410
  • IC416 or ICW for increasing the torques by 30 - 100%
  • Flange or foot-mounted design (B3, B5, B14 or combinations)
  • With or without feedback
  • Various encoder systems, such as magnetic and optical incremental encoders, SinCosEndatorHiperface, resolvers are possible
  • Increase service life of the bearings thanks to plasma-coated bearing seats
  • With a solid shaft or a hollow shaft
  • Compression bearings for customer-specific direct mounting on to the extruder screw and cylinder


Extrusion units: Film, plates, profiles, pipes, blow moulding machines, food, noodles/ snacks etc.
Winders: Textiles, plastic or paper with dancer or speed control, centre or surface winders.
Traction and lift drives: Hoisting devices, cranes, high bay racking, lifts
Pumps, fans and ventilators: Wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers, compressors
Other: Transport belts, tube lines, knitting and weaving machines, felting machines, tool machines, power plants for power generation, glass and mineral wool production, shredders and mills

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The cool torque principle

Our patented cool torque motor principle meets the demands of high torque at a low speed. Exactly the right direct drive for your extruder, since we offer unparalleled high levels of efficiency in rated Operation as well as in the regulated part-loaded operational range. Without cooling. Simply cool!