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Switch cabinet construction


100% customer-specific!

TAE drives can also be supplied as a comprehensive solution in a switch cabinet!
This includes project management, hardware plan creation, manufacture, PLC programming, visualisation, connection-ready testing and commissioning.
Our services comprise not only the supply of standardised drive solutions, but also the close cooperation with our customers on new ideas, special problems and developments.
You thus profit from our comprehensive expertise!


  • Switch cabinets for outside and inside
  • Ventilated or air-conditioned


Extrusion units: Film, plates, profiles, pipes, blow moulding machines, ...
Winders: Textiles, plastic or paper with dancer or speed control, centre or surface winders.
Traction and lift drives: Hoisting devices, cranes, high bay racking, lifts
Pumps and fans
Other: Transport belts, tube filling lines, knitting machines, centrifuges, shirring machines, felting machines, tool machines, power plants for power generation, glass and mineral wool production

Ask our engineers and technicians about the customer-specific solution to your problem!

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