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Universal converters


Output: 0,1 kW .. 400 kW
Current: 2,5 A .. 1 kA
Voltage: 200 V .. 480 VAC
Clocking frequency: 1 kHz .. 12 kHz
Control types:
Current (50 µs) and speed (200 µs) with and without feedback
Ambient temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Humidity: up to 90%
Operating height: up to 1000 m above sea level
Motor types:
Servo, brushless DC, AC synchronous, AC, torque and linear motors

With our U-Drive series we have developed converters for you that allow you to control all common three-phase motors such as servo, brushless DC, AC synchronous, torque, linear and AC asynchronous motors. Various performance categories in handy increments with manifold expansion possibilities from different encoder systems all the way to I/O-expansion Cards make it a true all-rounder. With software modules tailored to the customer’s specific needs, we help you to create an individually tailored drive system. Features such as high power density and overall efficiency with an exceptional power factor (lambda>0.95) not only set it apart as an environmentally friendly unit, but protect your wallet too through out the entire lifetime of the facility.
Production at our headquarters in Usingen guarantees high quality that also meets your demands with regards to reliability and longevity.
Together with one of our motors you receive a coordinated drive package featuring extremely short start-up times.
Thanks to the user-friendly user software provided free of charge and the plain text-based handheld terminal PG4001, every converter can be parameterised with ease.


  • IP 20 sheet metal housing
  • Various encoder systems, such as magnetic and optical incremental encoders, SinCosEndator    Hiperface,resolversare possible
  • Digital and analogue expansion card
  • Field bus systems: Profibus, CANopen, MODBus RTU
  • All common EtherNET-based bus systems
  • Numerous software modules individually adaptable


Extrusion units: Film, plates, profiles, pipes, blow moulding machines, food, noodles/ snacks etc.
Winders: Textiles, plastic or paper with dancer or speed control, centre or surface winders.
Traction and lift drives: Hoisting devices, cranes, high bay racking, lifts
Pumps and fans
Other: Transport belts, tube filling lines, knitting machines, centrifuges, shirring machines, felting machines, tool machines, power plants for power generation, glass and mineral wool production

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